Senior Software Developer & Technical Lead / SPARK Business Works

October 2022 - PRESENT, Grand Rapids, MI

Software Engineer / SPARK Business Works

April 2022 - October 2022, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Developed and implemented API integrations for Google and Microsoft Graph
  • Troubleshot and refactored file saving code to resolve production bugs and improve security
  • Designed and implemented a delivery/return tracking API using Nodejs integrated with NetSuite
  • Communicated effectively with both technical and non-technical audiences to gather requirements and explain complex technical concepts
  • Created a deployment process for new applications using bash scripting, Docker, and GitLab
  • Created reusable Terraform modules for application infrastructure deployments
  • Created standards for deploying client projects to AWS using AWS SSO and Terraform

Senior Software Developer / Fusionary

March 2021 - April 2022, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Led a DevOps team to support, maintain, and improve the hosting of existing and new projects on a variety of tech stacks
  • Provided new feature implementation guidance and support as a Tech lead on a team of other Software Developers
  • Implemented reproducible development environments using Docker and Docker Compose
  • Implemented infrastructure as code using Terraform
  • Configured and maintained high performance containerized web application
  • Implemented standards for deploying stateless applications to Rende

Software Developer / SPARK Business Works

December 2019 - March 2021, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Developed client and public facing applications using Nodejs and PHP
  • Developed additional features for an internal project management web application to make communicating with clients and entering time more seamless
  • Implemented automated deployments for client facing projects
  • Documented processes for provisioning servers in AWS
  • Built an internal tool to asynchronously manage application servers
  • Managed groups of contractors and provided guidelines on application developmen

Systems Analyst / SPARK Business Works

August 2018 - December 2019, Kalamazoo, MI
  • Performed quality assurance and acceptance testing of custom built web and mobile applications
  • Reviewed code to ensure code changes are implemented optimally
  • Resolved issues and unexpected behaviours in client facing custom web applications
  • Documented REST API's built for a client facing application for use by an external development team
  • Architected and designed application work-flows to relay to developers
  • Implemented DevOps practices: automated deployments, continuous integration, and automated server setup up for existing and new applications


Home Lab / Personal Project

  • Setup home server to host and run games on a Linux server running Docker
  • Currently, I'm hosting a Minecraft and Rust (the game) server for me and friends to play
  • Created an API endpoint that can be used to give a specific user creative mode in the Minecraft server running in Docker

Game / https://game.noahjahn.dev

  • Unity game to practice game development, top down shooter

Weekend for Good 2022 / Code for Good West Michigan

  • Created an app integrated with Google Calendar and Twilio to send out SMS reminders to attendees of the event for a local non-profit (Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates)

Contract Software Engineer / Brem LLC

July 2021 - PRESENT, Remote
  • Planned and created scalable infrastructure in AWS using EC2's and a Load Balancer for a product created by Brem to limit costs and service usage
  • Configured and deployed Django applications using celery/flower for running background tasks

Weekend for Good 2021 / Code for Good West Michigan

  • Helped organize content for a non-profit (Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness)
  • Built a responsive and more content focused landing page for the non-profit
  • Added form submission functionality using Mailchimp to help website visitors stay subscribed

noahjahn.dev & api.noahjahn.dev / Personal project

  • Created a dark/light mode front-end switch to change themes and colors
  • Implemented a custom cookie storage solution to track visitors to noahjahn.dev. Also keeps track of the chosen theme: dark vs. light written with Express in Node.js
  • A front-end wrapper for making http requests was also written for this project
  • Open source on GitHub

CSM Group IT Asset Manager / WMU Senior Design class final project

  • Asset tracking software built to be able to query asset records quickly. The application was designed and implemented for a capstone project at WMU, but is used by CSM Group’s IT department today
  • https://csmit.noahjahn.dev/ (Only the login is visible without an account)
  • Open source on GitHub

Here Comes Treble Website / WMU Web Tech class final project

GPU Butter / WMU Database Management Systems class final project


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner / Amazon Web Services

September 26th, 2020 - September 26th, 2023


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science / Western Michigan University

Graduated December, 2019

    Muskegon Community College

    August 2015 - July 2017, Muskegon MI
    • Course work included transferable credits for education continuation at WMU.